Members quit. And most people’s attempts to lower member churn rates only make it worse. I can help you stop your members from quitting.

For 20 years I have focused on getting and keeping members. I come alongside you and your team to stop your members from quitting, and help you grow your membership.

You are investing a lot of time and money to grow your membership. Let’s stop your members from quitting so your program will grow as fast as you deserve. I help you grow your membership with my systems for attracting, welcoming and retaining your members.

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How to Stop Your Members from Quitting

With all the reasons your members have for quitting, is it any wonder you’re able to keep your members at all?

As a matter of fact, while there are many reasons for your members to quit, there are five — and only five — reasons your members will stay.

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Sneak Peak: A Welcome Letter that Boosts Member Retention

Many of Perry Marshall’s Mastermind Club members have retained their membership since the day he first launched his program. That said, while the long-standing members loved the program, there were still a number of members who tried Perry’s Mastermind Club but dropped out within a month or two. I determined I could have the greatest impact by helping Perry create a member welcome system that fostered a strong relationship with his new members.

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How to Treat Your New Subscriber Members to Make Them Fall in Love With Your Program

Your new subscriber has a reason for buying your software. There’s a problem in their life or business. But too often we try to teach too much in the beginning. How can you get your new member experiencing relief from his or her problems as soon as possible, but do it in a way that they can understand quickly?
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Do Free Trial Offers Create New Member Growth or Member Churn?

Do free-trial offers contribute to long-term member growth? What is the biggest downfall of programs such as Groupon and what does it mean for building your membership program? How can you attract subscriber members who are grateful to you and eagerly want to keep their subscriptions?

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The Single Most Powerful Member Recruitment and Retention Tool

There are three key decision points in your membership lifecycle: 1.) When a potential member is considering joining your program, 2.) When a new member is trying to find time to engage in your materials to get value, and 3.) When an existing member is deciding whether or not to retain his or her membership. It’s at each of these points that a well-crafted client case study can make the difference between a long-term member or a member gone forever.

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Measuring Your Member Relationship

Most membership marketers treat their fulfillment like a series of product purchases. It’s a simple exchange of product for money. When they think about improving member churn rate, they try to provide more product for the money. The amount of product and value you provide is like water; too much is just as bad as too little. You don’t want a flood, and you don’t want a drought. Fostering strong relationships with your new members, decreasing member churn and increasing member growth are surprisingly easier than you’d expect.

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Do THIS and Members will Get Better Results and Retain their Membership for Years Instead of Weeks

What are the deepest desires and dreams of your customers? You likely already know because you used them during the sales process. But after they bought your product, you stopped talking about those dreams and focused instead on teaching and training. It’s not your fault. I’ve made the same mistake.

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Benefits Don’t Improve Retention, Only This Does

Economic benefits alone are not sufficient for building a membership. At that point, you are just exchanging a service for money. The key difference in membership is a relationship. There’s a bond with you and your members beyond the simple exchange of stuff for money.

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How to Onboard Your New Subscriber Members to Maximize Retention

What is the key onboarding tool to make it easy for your new member to generate results? How do you identify the single-most important first step your new member must take to become successful? How do you get your members to engage in your program to move from being a member for a couple of weeks to becoming a member for life?

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